Monday, February 21, 2011


my birthday night is sparkly and so am i. my friends come and there is smiles and laughter and kisses. i wear a white dress and i skip and dance and jump on the trampoline and act 10 years old again. i realise people love me.

he hugs me twice and i talk to him when he leaves. c lurks nearby, with her flamboyant orange dress and freshly inked arm, pretending to look for the cat in the the bushes.

he understands.

my cake is pink and white and green. i blow out the candles and make a wish. almost before i've opened my eyes it's come true.

at the end of it all i'm so giddy i can hardly sleep. i fall asleep smiling.

once again, all is well in my world. i am happy.


  1. Happy belated birthday!
    It's nice to know that you had fun and are happy again. :)
    x <3

  2. It is so so nice to realize that people love you.

    Happy birthday :]

  3. Aaw. This is lovely. I hope you had an amazing birthday! xxx