Sunday, October 2, 2011

little house

i love the way the cherry blossoms are outlined against the spring blue sky - that october colour, somewhere between azure and forever. it makes me feel like there couldn't possibly be any troubles in the world.

and i feel like getting married and living in a little stone house in the woods and cooking and sewing and wearing pretty dresses every day. there would be mayflowers in the garden and hummingbirds that would come and sip sugar water from the porch and ivy that would trail from the eaves. there would be an arch covered in honeysuckle and a wooden swing and so many flowers that you couldn't even see the ground. we would have picnics in the garden every night all summer and watch the sun rise and set and the stars twinkle like silver snippets in a blue velvet sky. and we would grow our own tomatoes and in the autumn i would pick them and stew and can so that when the snow came, the cat would lie on the hearth rug in front of the fire and we would be snug and happy in our little house.

and we would grow older and happier every year in our little stone house in the woods.