Thursday, November 18, 2010

wedding days

it's a hot day. the sun beats down and we stand in the shade, fanning ourselves with silver programs.

he wears a stripy shirt and brown pants. his shoes click as he walks towards me.

the white dress is beautiful. so is she. they exchange their vows with tears and smiles. it's been a long road.

he is standing behind me - i can feel his eyes on my dress, my hair, my neck.

the flowers are purple, bright against the dresses, a splash of colour, beauty.

he looks at me for longer than need be. does he know?

there are fairy lights and fern leaves in the hall. it looks like happiness.

he rolls up his sleeves and helps in the kitchen. he comes to our table and serves sparkling grape juice.

then there are speeches and laughter at things that happened long before i knew either of them.

he smiles at me.

then i am home and in my room, still in my blue dress, dancing around in the moonlight. happy.

i love you. i love you. i love you.


  1. i've been using beautiful too much so:
    this is pulchritudinous xxx

  2. This is beautiful :) I love your writing, it's sweet and touching and beautiful and haunting in a lovely way :)
    Hope you're ok,
    Night_Flower x