Saturday, November 6, 2010


i sit on the bank, mesmerized by the embers floating over my head, sparks shooting high above. there is red and orange, yellow, blue and green. it's too dark to see any faces, but i can hear voices i know everywhere. it's guy fawkes. time to be young again.

i love fireworks. i love remembering what it was like to watch them as a child, snuggled up with my big coat on. i love the memories, the smiles. i am still wide eyed now, wonderstruck, almost innocent in my too big coat with my curly hair falling out of it's ponytail around my face.

i go and stand by the fire with my friends. i laugh until my face hurts and the smoke blows like mist into my eyes.

here i am - shining like fireworks over your sad empty town.

i am happy.


  1. just letting you know i'm still reading everything you post, and lovin' it

  2. Your writing just hypnotizes me every time. I wish I could have half the talent you do.
    Take care.