Thursday, March 24, 2011


another day, another wedding. as they say, the bride was beautiful. i was so happy for her that i cried.

at first he ignored me, so i thought, "two can play this game." but i was wrong. i can't play that game. i lose miserably every time.

at the reception we yell a conversation across the table before i go and sit with him. you know, i think we could talk for an eternity and still not run out of words to say.

at some point he makes a quip about the groom always needing to say sorry whether he's wrong or right and the lady next to him laughs. "i think you're ready to get married" she says. his eyes lock with mine and he says, slowly, "maybe not quite yet."

all the way home i'm replaying what he said, what i felt, how he looked at me with that secret smile that says, "we know something nobody else does."

this night is sparkling/don't you let it go/i'm wonderstruck/blushing all the way home.

i'm enchanted with you. you know it. wait for me.



  1. You write beautifully. I love to read these moments that you gather and are kind enough to share with us in such a poetic way.

  2. I like your blog. Hope you don't mind I added it to my website/blog.