Saturday, December 25, 2010


we go to midnight mass - it's my first time. we sing carols and stand up and sit down and listen to the choir. the cathedral is beautiful.

we look at the priest and a says, "the father usually has a beard". (he used to be a catholic.) i say, "like santa?" he says, "no, like a wizard. like gandalf." i laugh and he smiles at me - that twinkly smile that says "we have a secret". my sister pokes me, "not supposed to laugh in church."

afterwards we walk around the cathedral, just him and me. it's awkward, but nice. then he gives me a christmas present. just me. my sister says, "how sweet".

i agree.

at home i can't sleep. i'm so giddy and glittery that i want to run or dance or sing. at church in the morning he tells me that he couldn't sleep either - not until 4am. he makes me happy.

christmas is my favourite time of year. i'm happier now than i have been in a long long time. it's only going to get better.

i haven't even opened my presents yet.

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