Sunday, October 14, 2012

old friends

last week n said to me, "you remember a lot more about me than i do." it made me laugh. of course i remember. i've loved him since i was a child. if you were to read my diaries from eight, ten years ago, you would find it full of him and k and i. that was a long time ago - we were still learning who we were.

the thing was, we never learnt, at least i never did. not until fate took us apart. but now i'm back and he's back and we are golden again.

he hugged me this morning. it was just a hug, but he hadn't done it in years and it made me feel loved and wanted and worth something and like i was young again. so many memories. happy times and heartbreak and euphoria and praying on the mountain and holding hands, spinning in the wind.

i don't think you ever forget your first love. not now. not ever.

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