Tuesday, June 19, 2012


it's been a year now, slightly more maybe. i miss my old life, the old me, the one people loved. i miss a and c and the happy days. she texted me today - telling me that everything was all my fault. i was hurt because she hasn't been there for me but she said that wasn't her problem because i never told her that i needed a friend.

you shouldn't have to tell real friends that.

i start to wonder if i'm the reason i don't have many friends now. t says no - it's because i trust people and then they let me down and that makes me scared to trust again. he loves me and i have to believe that he won't hurt me. i cross my fingers and pray and pray and pray.

i am a frightened bird, sheltered in his palms. he makes me safe. i never want to fly away.

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  1. I´m in love with your blog!!!
    it´s great!!!